How to invite famous Argentinean people to hang out

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Yerba Mate, or “Matecito” is drunk by a lot of people in Argentina; it’s the national drink and over 90% of all the households have it in the shelf. People invite each other to share a “Matecito” all the time; it’s a sweet excuse to gather together for doing all kind of stuff. The phenomena of drinking yerba mate is deeply rooted in Argentinian culture. Even famous people like Pope Francisco, Lionel Messi, Che Guevara or Mauricio Macri, the president of Argentina, drink “Matecito”. They know that being invited to share a Matecito is something that they can hardly refuse. Have a look at BYOL which explains kinda well thi this phenomena works. You have to understand that famous people are not unreachable. Using the Matecito App, you could even invite famous people to hang out and they will need good excuses not to meet you! – Matecito App: The answer to “How to invite famous Argentinean people to hang out”!